Middle East Lighting Design Summit 2019

29-30 April 2019
Roda Al Bustan, Dubai
United Arab Emirates


Summit Agenda

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» DAY 1 - 29th April 2019

» DAY 2 - 30th April 2019

DAY 1 - 29th April 2019
08:40 - 09:50


09:50 - 10:00


10:00 - 10:10

Welcome Address by Platinum Sponsor

10:10 - 10:30

Lighting as a design, an art and an emotion

  • The appreciation of daylight in public spaces: Integrating artwork in the Abu Dhabi International Midfield Terminal
  • How lighting design & architecture can be infused to enhance overall ambience?
  • Lighting beyond illumination – exploring what lies in store for the future of lighting design
10:30 - 10:50

Lighting Strategies to achieve Net Zero Buildings

  • Why should energy efficient lighting be the priority for lighting designers?
  • As UAE aims to reduce energy consumption, how important is the integration of highly efficient Day and Electric Lighting?
  • What challenges do lighting designers face towards achieving energy efficiency in terms of lighting buildings?
10:50 - 11:10

Incorporating Sustainable Lighting into Design

  • Sustainable lighting can be achieved by Sustainable design. What are the rubrics that need to be followed to examine how sustainable a design/building is?
  • Holistic approach of designers towards sustainable lighting whilst providing customized solutions to their clients in terms of architecture and aesthetic appeal.
  • What are the other sustainable lighting strategies that can be followed in the region?


11:10 - 11:30

Contemporary Role of Lighting Designers

  • The role of a lighting designer is evolving at a fast pace. How quickly should lighting designers adapt to new ideas and concepts?
  • Playing the role of a coordinator – Liasoning with architects, electrical engineer, knowledge experts, lighting company etc.
  • What are the emerging issues and industry advancements that might be faced by a lighting designer in the region?
11:30 - 12:00


12:00 - 12:40

Panel discussion – Lighting Design from a Developer's perspective 

  • Exploring the economics behind the role lighting plays in commercial & residential developments
  • LED lighting retrofits – how are property developers contributing in making communities more sustainable & energy efficient
  • Redesigning & reshaping – understanding the role that property developers play in successful lighting design projects
12:40 - 13:00

Quality of Light in Public Spaces Indicate Directions to Smarter Living in Cities

  • Smart city debates have now shifted from being technology-based to human-focused and experience based. A holistic perspective on how light can contribute to socioeconomic development and wellbeing of its citizens.
  • Regulators need to focus on lighting a city within environmental and sustainable parameters
  • Connected lighting contributes to smart cities. In achieving this, what are the challenges faced in the region?
13:00 - 13:20

Light in our Daily Lives

  • This talk takes us on a journey of how light affects our lives.  From the Big Bang theory, through the atmosphere, nature, and buildings, light affects sleep, wellbeing, and the way we design buildings.   Learn about color, light pollution, Vision, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and how nature cope with light.
13:20 - 14:00

Panel Discussion: Growing importance in Efficient Public Lighting

  • The perception of a space changes remarkably on the way it is lit. How can lighting designers play a key role in this?
  • Lighting for a safer, greener and smarter city – Can public lighting shape the way shared spaces blend within the society to offer better interaction?
  • Creative usage of public lighting can aid in saving energy – Agree or Disagree?
14:00 - 14:05

Welcome address by Lunch Sponsor

14:05 - 15:05


15:05 - 15:25

WebNMS IoT platform for Commercial lighting solutions

  • Remote switching and scheduling
  • Energy monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote asset monitoring & dimming
  • End to end IoT solution development platform for commercial lighting requirements
15:25 - 15:45

Re-introduction of city after dark - Lighting the Urban Nightscapes

  • Perception of a place at night can vary remarkably compared to daylight – how does the creativity of a lighting designer come into foray?
  • What impact does it have on the social fabric of an urban life? Strongpoints and Shortcomings.
  • Case Study - Best urban lighting concepts followed in the region. How does interactive urban lighting change public spaces?
15:45 - 16:05

Why Color Temperatures stands out as an important factor for lighting designers?

  • How color temperatures are gaining importance across a building’s interior and exterior?
  • Colour temperatures can impact the moods of people and evoke different feelings. What can be the role of colour temperature apps?
  • Challenges a lighting designer faces in setting the right color temperatures
16:05 - 16:15


16:15 - 16:45


DAY 2 - 30th April 2019
09:20 - 09:50


09:50 - 10:00


10:00 - 10:20

Light Plays a Crucial Role in Holistic Wellbeing

  • The Science of Light and Human - Research indicates positive influence of people present in well-lit environments. How can lighting designers imbibe this in their projects?
  • Will lighting residential spaces be more well-being focused or energy efficient?
  • The synchronization between daylighting, shading, and technology helps achieve an ideal human centric condition in unexpected ways. What are the best practices lighting designers need to be mindful of when designing residential spaces?
10:20 - 10:40

Lighting and Ergonomics in the workplace

  • Lighting considerations for sustainable productivity.
  • Achieving workplace wellness by incorporating natural light. What can be the checklist for proper illumination?
  • Going beyond LED lighting fixtures - exploring the full potential of natural light
10:40 - 11:20

Panel Discussion: Human Centric Lighting – A priority for Lighting Designers?

  • ‘Circadian Lighting’ – a term most lighting designers are aware of. Yet, do they practically consider such a concept?
  • Understanding the role of Circadian Lighting and is there a lighting design strategy to be followed?
  • Are organizations embracing this concept to ensure employees work in better lit spaces? How does it impact their productivity?
  • Impact of light on human wellbeing. Does it contribute to healing/ impact the psychology of patients?
  • Can human-centric lighting take precedence over technology and functional design in commercial projects?
11:25 - 11:55


11:55 - 12:15

Lighting Retrofit Projects in the Middle East – Achieving Significant Energy Savings & Actual Returns-On-Investment (ROI)

  • Evaluating lighting retrofit projects – making sense of lighting technology, financial viability & sustainability
  • Energy audits – understanding the various retrofit choices & making the right decision
  • Cost-benefit analysis for LED retrofit applications – commercial, retail, residential, outdoor & public realm
12:15 - 12:55

Panel discussion – Can natural light change the perception of spaces?

  • Abundance of daylight reduces energy consumption but might diminish the essence of a space. Agree?
  • Quantity of Light vs. Quality of light - Techniques to transform spaces with natural light
  • Challenges in using daylight as a design concept to ensure the space utilizes sustainable lighting techniques
12:55 - 13:15

Digital developments in lighting and its impact on the lighting industry

  • How Big Data and Illuminating Communication are paving the way for digital advancements in lighting?  
  • Lighting experts need to be updated on the latest trends to design the city of future. What are the promising innovations that is changing their day-to-day practices and industry as a whole?
  • What are challenges in the pace of adopting digital developments in this industry?
13:15 - 13:55

Panel Discussion: Can we achieve smart interior design through lighting design techniques?

  • Aesthetic appeal of spaces is enhanced with the contribution of right lighting. How does it blend with other aspects such as paint, furniture, plants etc. to get the desired result?
  • Daylight or Artificial light – Is sustainability a priority?
  • What are the challenges in integrating light as a design aspect for interiors? How can architects and designers’ experiment & explore with lighting qualities?
13:55 - 14:15

Exploring Technology-Enabled Architectural Lighting for Tourist Oriented Cities

  • Understanding how technology-enabled architectural lighting brings forth some great benefits in terms of improved safety and increased aesthetic appeal to commercial sites
  • A street to visit and not merely pass through – how lighting can transform spaces & create an interest in the city
  • Improving citizen happiness with lighting - interactive lighting installations using smart-lighting technology and the roles visitors & passers-by will in playing with them
14:15 - 14:25


14:25 - 15:00


Agenda is subject to change

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29-30 April 2019

Roda Al Bustan, Dubai
United Arab Emirates



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