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31 March 2021 - 1 April 2021
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Sensor Driven Technology Drives Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Posted On July 21, 2015

Keynote speech in progress at the Middle East Smart Energy and Lighting Summit 2014

Market demand, government regulations supporting energy efficient lighting products and the advent of innovative technological solutions has revolutionized the lighting industry. Connected and smart lighting systems are now the buzzwords of this industry. The implementation of Internet of Things (IoT), lighting controls and motion detection sensors has played a key role in the adoption of advanced lighting systems and applications that has now begun to dominate the marketplace over the past few years.

The integration of technology to lighting systems has brought to the forefront wireless and smart lighting systems that provides substantial energy-saving potential and significantly enhances the environmental quotient as well. These new age lighting systems control the quality and intensity of the light, adjust the lighting and change color according to the temperature. Designed using wireless communications and embedded technologies, ultra-high frequency sensor-driven lighting network perform actuation functions effectively and is well-suited for environments that require auto-sensing such as streets and highways, petrol stations, building corridors and parking areas.

Emphasizing on the paradigm shift in lighting technology, Mr. Brad Hariharan, Regional Director, Expotrade Middle East, said, “Lighting technology has come a long way; globally, the lighting systems have undergone a sea change. The trend began with manufacturers phasing out old incandescent bulbs and replacing it with LEDs that are not only more energy efficient and much brighter but also last significantly longer. In fact, some players have taken it a notch higher and introduced smartphone application that controls the lighting of your home.”

The installation of smart lighting networks helps deliver significant reductions in energy management and increases consumer safety and comfort, thereby making it a necessity implementation for home automation and smart city planning. The smart lighting market has garnered immense traction globally with Europe considered as the largest market for smart lighting systems in industrial, commercial, public and government building applications. According to a recent report from a leading industry body, the smart lighting installed worldwide is expected to grow from 46 million units in 2015 to 2.54 billion units in 2020.

He further added, “Smart light system is undoubtedly one of the key elements to building a smart city. Networked lighting systems have gained prominence; the utilization of intelligent control systems allows centralized remote management, maintenance and monitoring of the city lighting infrastructure.”

Advancements in lighting are not limited only to motion detection sensor. Leading market players are introducing lighting systems that transmit data in real-time and are equipped with new functions and technology to monitor temperature, humidity, heat and energy management.

Sensor driven lighting and the adoption of various integrated technological lighting solutions will be one of the key topics discussed at The Middle East Smart Lighting and Energy Summit 2015, taking place on 23-24 November, 2015 at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi.

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31 March 2021 - 1 April 2021

Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre
Dubai, UAE



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