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31 March 2021 - 1 April 2021
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Lighting is an 'integral part of hospitality landscape'

Posted On December 13, 2017

Lighting is an 'integral part of hospitality landscape'

Hotel lighting, once a 'must have' option, has now become an integral part of today's hospitality landscape as it provides more than just illumination - it has a dramatic affect on the mood and atmosphere of an interior space.

Today, hotels, restaurants and bars are constantly looking for the new trends and technologies to create the ‘wow factor’ for guests, and whilst decorative lighting is often used to help achieve this, the accurate layering of ambient, task and accent lighting also plays an integral part in a powerful first impression. A range of lighting techniques - including lamps, overhead fixtures and floor lighting to name a few - can be used to complement furnishings, structures and art in order to create the perfect atmosphere. This knowledge combined with the strategic layering of light and design, will allow businesses to create an experience that encourages guests to remember, revisit and recommend their space.

Hence it is essential that designers understand the options available, their capabilities and how they will impact the surrounding environment.

Vinod Pillai, principal lighting designer at LW Design Group, and confirmed speaker at the Middle East Lighting Design Summit 2018, explained: “Whilst it is a given that lighting sets the mood, the lighting designer now has greater responsibility to approach the design holistically and be a facilitator to ensure the various experiences are seamless and synced.”

In addition to the design factor, new technologies coupled with lighting are bringing opportunities to incorporate adaptability and control for both employees and guests. The topic of ‘technology enabled lighting’ is high on the agenda of those in the industry, as it brings considerable benefits, from reduced energy costs and predictive maintenance, through to hyper-personalization and flexibility in changing the atmosphere.

Pillai, continues: “The hospitality industry has constantly explored new ways to enhance personalised experience. The transformational age of technological advancements we live in has burst open the opportunities to provide manifold experiences. The fact that the industry is amongst the top 5 investors in smart technology indicates to its adaptability rate.”

Smart energy management systems are now available to increase guest satisfaction by allowing guests to adjust the lighting, temperature and shades in their rooms via smart phones or voice interaction. And over time, IoT platforms can provide hyper-personalisation by memorizing guests’ specific preferences and automatically setting up the room for their next stay, offering the ultimate in tailored service.

From a management point of view, smart technology can also ensure the business is running as efficiently as possible. Hotels can be equipped with lighting technology that adjusts based upon the amount of natural light in a room, whilst also measuring the energy usage, enabling the hotel to cut back on energy costs without compromising a guest’s comfort.

Brad Hariharan, regional director, Expotrade Middle East, said: “Lighting is profoundly transforming the hospitality industry. When implemented correctly, it has the ability to enhance the character of a venue, shape itself to the needs of an individual, and improve the overall sense of wellbeing. As part of the agenda at the seventh edition of the Middle East Lighting Design Summit, delegates will have the opportunity to hear experts discuss all aspects of lighting installations in the hospitality industry, from achieving the ‘perfect light’ to bringing about flexibility using the IoT.”

Christian Merieau, founder of MMAC Design Associates; Nadine Atta, Design director of The First Group; Rikus DeKock, senior lighting designer at Illuminate Lighting Design; Deepu Raj, founder of LET Design Consultants; and Vinod Pillai, principal lighting designer at LW Design have all confirmed their attendance at the summit, and will discuss the current trends, technologies and practices that are shaping lighting in the industry, and what the future holds.


Source: TradeArabia News Service

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31 March 2021 - 1 April 2021

Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre
Dubai, UAE



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