Middle East Lighting Design Summit 2019

29-30 April 2019
Roda Al Bustan, Dubai
United Arab Emirates



Posted On January 29, 2019


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21 January 2019: Artificial light was created to be a clone to natural light to meet the needs of the evolving workforce. In today’s day and age, lighting techniques and concepts have transformed by a large degree. A few years back, the significance of LED lighting was paramount, followed by smart lighting or connected lighting solutions, and now over the last couple of years, human centric lighting or also known as circadian lighting has emerged as the dominating trend in the lighting industry.

Light evokes a physiological response; human centric lighting focuses on lighting for health and well-being. Industry reports indicate the global human centric lighting industry is expected to reach $3.91 billion by 2024. Human Centric Lighting also known as circadian lighting is a concept that controls the amount of light in a space to bring about a positive change in the mood and productivity of people in the room along with their well-being. Human centric lighting builds on the connection between lighting and well-being.

The focus of the lighting industry has now changed from hardware to the implementation of better smart software technologies that integrate with light. Workspaces are now trying to create smart lights to ensure there is maximum output from the employee. The World Green Building Council advices the switch to smart LED’s to implement healthier workspaces along with saving energy. Human centric lighting adopts smart LEDs that change color temperatures to meet the needs of human circadian rhythms. The board benefits of LED lighting to deliver human-centric lighting for healthier workplaces along with reduction in carbon emissions is gaining acclaim globally

Talking about the human centric approach to lighting, Elizabeth Valkovics, Design Director, dwp, commented, "One could describe Interior Design as creating thoughtful, appropriate human experiences. This is the unspoken brief of every project we work on. We must think about the key tasks for each space and the kinds of experiences we want our users to feel. Human-centric lighting design has changed with new biological research and indeed new technology which will ultimately improve health and well-being. But it is ever-changing, and it is our job to study and research in order to design the most incredible places to work, live, travel and sleep."

The concept of human centric lighting has significantly changed our approach to architecture and the use of light. Success stories in Nordic countries in the implementation of human centric lighting in workspaces as well as schools are changing the face of lighting industry. In comparison, in the Middle East region, this concept is gaining traction and this will be discussed at length at the 8th Annual Middle East Lighting Design Summit 2019, being held on 29 and 30 April 2019 at Roda Al Bustan, Dubai.

Elizabeth Valkovics along with five other industry experts participating in a panel discussion on Human Centric Lighting where they discuss the role of circadian lighting, the lighting design strategy to be implemented, and how it impacts the wellbeing of people. More information on the 8th Annual Middle East Lighting Design Summit is now available at https://www.lightingsummit.com/. Follow the Summit on social media with the hashtag #MELIGHT.

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29-30 April 2019

Roda Al Bustan, Dubai
United Arab Emirates



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